A global class containing central information about ScriptUI. Not instantiable.


getResourceText, newFont, newImage



Collects the enumerated values that can be used in the alignment and alignChildren properties of controls and containers.

Predefined alignment values are: TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT, FILL, CENTER


Collects the enumerated values that can be used as the style argument to the ScriptUI.newFont() method.

Predefined styles are REGULAR, BOLD, ITALIC, BOLDITALIC.

applicationFontsObjectreadonlyThe font constants defined by the host application.

An object whose properties are the names of compatability modes supported by the host application.

The presence of ScriptUI.compatability.su1PanelCoordinates means that the application allows backward compatibility with the coordinate system of Panel elements in ScriptUI version 1.

coreVersionStringreadonlyA string containing the internal version number of the ScriptUI module.
frameworkNameStringreadonlyA string containing the name of the UI component framework with which this version of ScriptUI is compatible.
versionAnyreadonlyA string containing the version number of the ScriptUI component framework


String getResourceText (text:String)
Finds and returns the resource for a given text string from the host application's resource data.

If no string resource matches the given text, the text itself is returned.

textStringThe text to match.

ScriptUIFont newFont (name:String, style:String Number, size:Number)
Creates a new font object for use in text controls and titles.

nameStringThe font name, or the font family name.
styleString NumberThe font style; can be string, or one of the values of ScriptUI.FontStyle.
sizeNumberThe font size in points.

ScriptUIImage newImage (normal:String, disabled:String, pressed:String, rollover:String)
Loads a new image from resources or disk files into an image object.

Creates a new global image object for use in controls that can display images, loading the associated images from the specified resources or image files.

normalStringThe resource name or the disk file path to the image used for the normal state.
disabledStringThe resource name, or the disk file path to the image used for the disabled state.
pressedStringThe resource name, or the disk file path to the image used for the pressed state.
rolloverStringThe resource name, or the disk file path to the image used for the rollover state.

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