Export format options.


ExportFormat.EPS_TYPEExports to EPS format.1952400720 = 't_EP'
ExportFormat.EPUBExports to EPub format.1701868898 = 'epub'
ExportFormat.HTMLExports to XHTML format.1213484364 = 'HTML'
ExportFormat.INCOPY_MARKUPExports to InCopy markup (ICML) format.1768123756 = 'icml'
ExportFormat.INDESIGN_MARKUPExports to InDesign markup (IDML) format.1768189292 = 'idml'
ExportFormat.INDESIGN_SNIPPETExports to InDesign snippet (IDMS) format.1936617588 = 'snpt'
ExportFormat.INTERACTIVE_PDFExports to Interactive PDF format.1952409936 = 't_iP'
ExportFormat.JPGExports to JPEG format.1246775072 = 'JPG '
ExportFormat.PACKAGED_XFLExports to packaged XFL format.1702389356 = 'exfl'
ExportFormat.PDF_TYPEExports to PDF format.1952403524 = 't_PD'
ExportFormat.PNG_FORMATExports to PNG format.1699761735 = 'ePNG'
ExportFormat.RTFExports to rich text format (RTF).1381254688 = 'RTF '
ExportFormat.SWFExports to SWF format.1702066022 = 'eswf'
ExportFormat.TAGGED_TEXTExports to a tagged text file with a TXT extension.1416066168 = 'Tgtx'
ExportFormat.TEXT_TYPEExports to text (TXT) format.1952412773 = 't_te'
ExportFormat.XMLExports the document's tagged content to XML.1481460768 = 'XML '


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